Michelangelo knew… eliminate what stands in the way of discovering the beauty of your being.

Michelangelo knew there was a masterpiece that lived within a hunk of un-chiseled marble. He understood his mission as the artist was to simply appreciate what was not visible to the naked eye and remove what was hiding the beauty. So it is with each of us, as well. We are the both the artist and the marble. We need to eliminate what is in the way of our beauty being fully revealed. 

What obscures our vision? Often, it is the difficult emotions, painful events and self-limiting beliefs that we experience and acquire as we go through life. The failures, the mistakes, that leave us feeling like a loser, or less than enough. Depending on our perspective, we can view our scars, flaws and broken places within us as a reflection of our lack of worth or we can view them as opportunities to look inside, learn, grow and appreciate ourselves more.

As the saying goes, we are each ”a work in progress”. Each of us is a lifelong work of art, a creation evolving over time. I bet you never thought of yourself that way. But it’s true. Every experience you’ve had, especially the setbacks, disappointments and hurts, have contributed to making you the unique being you are. There are lessons within each one of these experiences and your “work” is to discover what the lessons and meaning are for your personal growth and evolution. This is how emotional wisdom develops its depth and breath. Its progressive and cumulative in nature. And like a piece of Kintsugi pottery (see my website description), it is when you mend the hurts with the gold of doing your personal growth work, that you become more unique and beautiful.

When faced with one of life’s challenges perhaps you’ve despairingly looked outside to ask “why me?” wanting to point a finger of blame. Or maybe you’ve turned it inward into reproachful self-blame such as “of course this happens to me”. I grew up hearing that my family members carried our own black cloud with us wherever we went, so for a long time I felt that life had control over me as opposed to me having influence over my life. This was a deeply ingrained limiting belief that was passed down from my parents to their children. And perhaps it was a belief passed down to them from my grandparents.

There is a yet another way of coping with life’s challenges. When faced with a painful outcome we can choose to ask ourselves some open and curious questions, without judgement or assumption.

Here are just a few:

What is here for me to understand about myself in this situation?

Is this part of a pattern in my life?

What messages was I given about how life would be for me? (i.e. those black clouds)

When was the first time or an earlier time in my life I felt this way?

When you start to openly question, you are on the path to exploration and discovery.  And when in discovery, you can find treasures.  You have riddles and questions to answer, and steps to take that move you closer to connecting the dots and seeing the direction of your path as you continue towards finding your treasure.  Discovering the treasure of your being is your goal. It is the prize. 

Like Michelangelo, you will need some tools, but you do not need to figure this out alone. Becoming the artist and revealing the masterpiece isn’t something we step into easily or quickly. With guidance and dedication, you can each learn how to reveal your true self and allow your light and beauty to shine.

There are many roads to get to your destination, but for me, one of the surest and most effective paths is with EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques tapping. Tapping is a gentle but very effective mind/body tool to identify and then diminish and eliminate the obstacles that are obscuring your light and beauty. The self-limiting beliefs, harsh inner critic in your head and the avoided painful emotions that you experienced in your life, have met their match with the tool of tapping. Yes, we talk about your experiences. It can be important to put into words what you are thinking and feeling and have the very a meaningful experience of being heard. But what can happen at times is that the talk becomes circular and eventually can dead end. The result is you don’t end up where you need and want to get to in terms of feeling relief and making changes. Rather than getting mired down in only talk, we move beyond it by being very focused on identifying the issue or problem that needs to be addressed. Then, using gentle tapping on certain acupressure based meridian points coupled with words that express your thoughts and emotions and bodily sensations, we bring to the surface what needs to be cleared. Whether it’s the memory of a disturbing event, hurtful words or actions by someone in your past or present, your own harsh self-criticism, or those pesky but powerful subconscious beliefs about yourself and life that are holding you back, tapping can help you relinquish and release these beliefs, thoughts and emotions, so that your authentic beautiful self can be revealed.

If you want to know more about EFT tapping and how I work, please visit my website to explore and discover how you can become more of the masterpiece that you are meant to be.

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