I was referred to Dawn by a friend during a time when my life was completely altered by chronic disease and a failed relationship. I was never open to to seek out psychotherapy but Dawn helped me to see that I could learn to “take steps to regain control of my life” to create a life and future that was hopeful. Those words like many profound words that Dawn used in our sessions left me a changed person.

Dawn’s expertise and style are beyond what I could have ever expected or imagined.  The rapport that was created from the very first session was one of compassion, openness, and free of judgement. I have referred Dawn’s services to many people in my life who saw a change in me and wanted to experience that same self-discovery for themselves.

Dawn specializes in EFT, which has proved to be a useful tool in understanding certain learned behaviors and responses to age-old patterns that we carry from childhood into adulthood. There were times while utilizing tapping techniques that I was left feeling relief, joy, and even intense sorrow. As a result, I came to understand certain patterns and buried emotions that needed my attention in order to live a more productive and successful daily life.

Dawn is personable, friendly and a visionary in her use of words. I am truly blessed to have been referred to her as she changed my life. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for this incredible woman. Anyone who is in her presence even for a few moments will soon realize what an impact she will leave.  It is of great importance to care for our mental health as well as our physical and/or spiritual health and Dawn Fried is a true coach who will “train” you to live the life you always dreamed of living!



My work with Dawn has helped shape the woman I have grown to be. Her expertise helped me gain the ability to deeply reflect on my actions, behaviors and those respective consequences. Because of Dawn’s thoughtful questions and insights, I am able to better navigate the relationships in my life both personally and professionally. Thus, my single greatest benefit is my great progression and growth with my communication, with myself, my partner, friends, family and coworkers. Dawn’s approach seems very intentional and thus instills in me the sense that she has taken great care with listening to me and then applying her vast knowledge to the situation at hand.

She gives me the tools to help me be more confident in myself as I learn how best to love myself, flaws and all.

Seeing Dawn has been life changing for my personal growth. I would recommend her to anyone needing someone to talk to and have help with deep reflection in order to progress and succeed in all parts of your life.


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